Elon Musk Conveys His Concerns Over Growing Rise Of AI Despite Being The Co-Founder Of OpenAI

Twitter’s chief Elon Musk is showing his reservations about the growing popularity of AI, despite being the co-founder of the company behind ChatGPT.

The billionaire did not shy away from speaking his mind at this year’s World Government Summit in the UAE.

Musk was very blunt about how it all comes with providing human civilization with the biggest threat of them all. And that’s a complete turnaround from how he spoke highly about the great benefits that this technology holds for others.

But with the rise of Google’s AI chatbot called Bard and Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, even the Tesla CEO appears to be concerned. Moreover, Musk says the growing popularity must be weighed against the risks and they’re plenty so far.

In the same way, Musk claims that AI isn’t all bad, there are definitely a lot of benefits. But the goal is to see how the positive weigh out against the negative and what sort of promises and capability it encases. But users must be mindful of the danger arising side by side.

The reason why the world is raising eyebrows has to do with the simple fact that Musk is the main co-founder of OpenAI which launched late last year. It did not take the tool much time to attain viral fame and fortune and till today, it’s the most sought-after tool in the tech industry

Moreover, ChatGPT is the one responsible for jumpstarting this AI trend in today’s industry and giving the public a more efficient sense of understanding regarding what advancements this type of technology holds in this world. As Musk claims, AI is not something very new. It has been making waves for a while now but it just did not entail the right user interface that’s accessible to several individuals.

The new Twitter chief also reiterated what he mentioned a few years back and that had to do with the need to control and limit the use wherever we can.

But this week, he claims that controlling its use in modern times may end up slowing down its progress which is good for the future.

In the end, the Tesla CEO said that AI may prove to be a more massive risk to the world than the likes of medicine, automobiles, and even airplanes. What do you think?

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