Twitter Will Likely Get A New CEO By This Year’s End, Elon Musk Confirms

A company without a CEO is an incomplete company indeed and that’s probably why Elon Musk was grilled at the World Government Summit in the UAE for a matter related to Twitter's new lead.

One of the world’s most sought-after social media firms may be run by Musk but he is yet to hire a new person to head the firm, despite promising to do so in a poll conducted last year.

Musk had joked around at that time that there was no one available to do the job or better yet, no one found the job to be a part of their liking. He says the pressure on him is immense to make the right choice, considering all the turmoil that the organization has been through in recent times.

But when asked for a timeframe on the decision, Musk says the hunt and search are still on and the company would be getting one by the end of this year. This was the right time he felt would be to give the position to someone capable of handling its day-to-day business dealings. Moreover, he emphasized how times are tough, and by the end of 2023, we might be hearing more news about the app’s stability. But until then, he wants users to work by his side and brace themselves for the ride.

In December of 2022, the Twitter Chief did promise to the world that he would be resigning from the post of CEO as the majority of people in his poll felt it was time he stepped down and give the chance to someone else, considering the current financial scenario.

Advertisers were pulling out and the company just could not nail down the aspect related to finding the right way to attract more users and make more revenue. Musk recently joked about no one was that foolish to take on the responsibility and that’s why it’s hard to select among the options.

Other speculations did highlight a few names from the industry including Snoop Dog but it appears that was just a joke. Last night, Musk unveiled the new CEO to be his pet dog, adding how he’s great with numbers too. But again, it was a humorous take with no harm intended by the app’s chief to let off some steam.

Yesterday, Musk explained how he can only step out from the leadership role at Twitter after it attained stability and reorganization to an extent that it was financially healthy. But as one can imagine, the current state of Twitter is far from perfect or stable.

Nearly two third of the workforce has been fired while offices are getting shut down with a series of other controversies beginning as we speak with advertisements coming to a standstill. But Musk stands by all of his actions and argues that he is doing everything in Twitter’s best interest by cutting down on all expenses.

Two weeks back, he affirmed how the company was finally trending to break even after rumors that it might fall into bankruptcy. Moreover, Musk mentioned how his goal right now was to convert the app into a place that offered everything instead of it being just the usual app on social media.

The future may entail more features like online payments, safer chats, and a news platform that promotes nothing but the truth. Clearly, the goals are plenty, not to mention coming up with a better strategy to make others pay for Twitter Blue which currently stands at $8 a month.

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