Google Maps 'Immersive View' Offers Users A Simulated Bird’s Eye View Of Cities Recreated In 3D

Google Maps is giving users another exciting reason to celebrate with the launch of its new Immersive View feature.

The company already has satellite and street views up for grabs across any location that users happen to be visiting. But now, the platform is really taking things to the next level by enabling the recreation of a few leading cities that are recreated in 3D.

This particular offering is highlighted to be an ‘immersive view’ which the company spoke a little about in detail during one of its most recent events. The firm mentioned how it hoped to conduct all sorts of advancements on this front to enhance and give its fans the best in both maps and search.

A recent demonstration showcased the gorgeous destination of Amsterdam that was portrayed with assistance from a 3D simulator and it was almost as if the viewer could see the city live. Think along the lines of getting a glimpse from every angle imaginable.

Similarly, users can make the most of this feature thanks to some major advances made in the world of AI with immersive technology. This combines the likes of street views with the best aerial views to churn out a digital replica of the world. And if that wasn’t cool enough, you can say hello to the likes of more helpful details such as weather, and traffic or how much hustle and bustle takes place in that specific region.

Meanwhile, in this particular demo, Google Maps seemed to show some famous landmarks like a museum and several buildings surrounding it. Moreover, it was almost as if this was another name given to a simulation game of some amazing kind.

The leading Android maker mentioned how those planning a visit can really sort out which destination they want to go to based on the views generated. It’s like you’re soaring over the city in a virtual manner and even get to see entrances and get a cool idea of what is located in a particular area.

Furthermore, Google showed another cool feature called a time slider that allows users to witness how a particular city appears during certain parts of the day and also during various weather conditions. How cool is that?

Above all, Google mentioned how the option for Immersive View is giving some the chance to glance inside shopping malls and cafes located across a particular city. And while doing that, it would trigger the feature to showcase a real-world replica of how the interior is like and numerous other offerings like chairs, tables, crockery, ambiance, and whatnot so users get a great feel or vibe of the place.

Google mentioned how it’s making use of advancing fronts such as neural radiance field technology. This is another name reserved for a modern AI method that literally converts ordinary images into the likes of 3D replicas. And what you get in the end is a very similar image to what the actual offering comprises. Did we mention the addition of various lighting, textures, and stuff in the background?

In case you’re as amped up and interested as us after hearing all this, then you’re in luck. The company is rolling it out for cities like Tokyo, LA, London, San Francisco, and even New York. And in the next few months, it hopes to expand and entail other destinations like Venice, Amsterdam, and Dublin too. So stay tuned for that!

Before going, let’s not forget how the company is also adding something special for those making a move into electric vehicles. They hope to add an array of features for their utter convenience like charging stops and charging filters as well.

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