Twitter Finally Makes Its Long Form Tweets A Reality For Users But It’s Not For Free

It’s the news that many Twitter fans have been hoping for and now we can finally confirm that long-form tweets are up for grabs.

Yes, the rollout is finally happening as the company announced today how it was keen to see its users express themselves better. And while you might feel threads are great, longer-form tweets are definitely going to be more concise.

The platform detailed how users would be allowed to add 4000 characters to better express their thoughts and opinions on a single post. And if you are keen on availing of this particular offer, then it’s going live as we speak on the app.

However, it’s a catch and many aren’t surprised. The feature is only for those having a Twitter Blue subscription. So you’re going to have to pay to take advantage of this much-anticipated rollout, the company has confirmed.

We won’t lie, the announcement has come out of the likes of nowhere. And it’s definitely a little surprising, considering the fact that so many users were on the search for the feature for quite some time now, literally years, to be exact.

But the platform does admit how most things are not going to change, other than the length of the post of course. Moreover, users are still going to be given the chance to add pictures, hashtags, the usual polls, and more.

However, one disadvantage that we’ve noticed is that users will not be able to schedule long-form tweets and also won’t be able to embark on features like saving drafts. So if you want a better view of how this might appear on your app, well, be sure to pay the official account designated for Twitter Blue for greater understanding.

One thing great is how the classic 280-character long tweets would be seen on user timelines as before. But the only difference now is linked to features outlined as showing more that indicate that there is more to read on that particular post.

This can be found in the tweet’s bottom right-hand corner for those in search of an expansion. Even if you aren’t a Twitter Blue user, you will still get the chance to read such long-form tweets. Similarly, you can quote them and even retweet them in a similar manner.

The right to generate a response to such tweets would exclusively be reserved for Twitter Blue account holders.

For now, the Twitter Blue subscription is being offered by the platform at $8 a month and in case you’re purchasing an iOS subscription, you’ll need to pay $11 a month. As can be expected, those who go all in and opt for the annual subscription would benefit from leading discounts, and that allows them to save a dollar each month.

We’ll definitely keep you posted on Twitter’s exciting new offerings, if and when they arrive. So stay tuned!

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