Google Announces New Features For Gadgets Running On Its Android, Chrome OS, and Wear OS Systems At MWC

Leading tech giant Google is saying no to taking up a lot of floor space for the event that is being held at the MWC. But that does not mean it is making a huge bid toward the start of the wireless industry’s huge gathering.

It hopes to occupy some screen time with its Android, Chrome OS, and Wear OS systems with the launch of a few new features that would be included in future gadgets that run such systems. And the latest update on this front is how four of these features are getting rolled out right now.

For starters, the Drive application for Android devices would provide support for PDF annotations that are conducted freehand. It’s quite frequently seen on different desktop apps like Mozilla and macOS but it’s quite different for mobile applications.

Meanwhile, the Google Meet app is designed to carry out noise cancellation across various Android devices. It’s quite different and separate from the respective noise cancellation feature which the tech giant shipped for a few of its Pixel devices.

Another feature worth a glance at is the Emoji Kitchen offering for the company’s Gboard application. This enables users to carry out some additional mixes of emojis. Moreover, Chrome would provide users the chance to expand the respective content seen across web pages by nearly 300%. This is in correlation to the app-content feature that allows for Zoom in the new Android 14.

But there are a series of more features coming up that were highlighted in the Coming Soon objective for the press release by Google.

For instance, you’ll see Google Pay popping up new animations toward the end of the tap-to-pay feature. The company hopes to include some interesting features like a cheerful penguin and a few more characters.

Meanwhile, other offerings would be Chromebooks that enable users to utilize Bluetooth headphones using the Fast Pair quick connection offering that came out last year in June. Furthermore, Google Keep would be more user-friendly and allow for widgets across Android devices and the Wear OS shortcuts regarding smartwatches that are run through Google’s system of operations.

Google hopes to add several accessibility modes to the Wear OS that simplifies the audio using monophonic sounds and enables people to cut out all visual data using modes like color correction and grayscale.

Google’s new MWC news also gives rise to another new feature where Google Messages would be the default for texting on all Android phones. This means customers will be switching the messaging to Google’s RCS format to attain chat features that entail typing indicators while encrypting texts.

Last but not least, we’re hearing more about a new eSim capability for transfer across its Android devices during the end of this year. Deutsche Telekom would be introducing the latest addition to Android’s support so it can be availed on the card-free service feature that needs a sign-up.

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