Meta All Set To Capitalize On ChatGPT’s Success With New Group Of Generative AI Chatbots

After ChatGPT’s roaring success, we saw both Google and Microsoft follow in their footsteps with the unveiling of their own archrivals in this domain.

Mark Zuckerberg really wants to capitalize on the likes of popularity linked to AI chatbots by introducing his own products across various Meta apps including Facebook and Instagram.

The company’s CEO mentioned recently how they are currently focusing all efforts on AI chatbots to produce a top-tier product.

Remember, Meta also runs Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp so it has already invested quite a bit in the likes of generative AI that produce text, pictures, and videos. Therefore, the firm is now choosing to combine various teams into a single group that would focus on putting ahead a very delightful experience on Meta’s platforms and services.

The short terms goals were highlighted as being those limited to designing creative tools that would further give rise to more focus on AI personas that help users in different ways.

It all appears to be a great effort by Meta who seems to be inspired by ChatGPT and DALL-E2. It may result in more features for the future of the company’s products as explained by Zuckerberg.

Similarly, it wants to explore different experiences using mediums like text through WhatsApp chats and pictures through formats derived from Instagram respectively. Similarly, it wants to include video content through several multi-model versions.

These reports come at a fairly interesting time when we saw Meta go ahead with its new and exciting language model that is AI-powered. It is called LLaMA and has the capability to power chatbots that could rival the likes of ChatGPT.

Furthermore, the firm is creating a new AI program that can produce life-like videos that are derived from simple text prompts via users.

For now, Meta has zero plans for a generative AI product launch for the public as it hopes similar technologies may be exploited in the future and could result in disinformation spreading online. In the past year, Meta’s CEO was seen to be going crazy with its VR-themed metaverse. And that gave rise to some very lackluster offerings.

There were a lot of expectations and now, with these new plans coming forward, there is a lot of work that Meta needs to do in terms of catching up to its fellow rivals in the industry.

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