Snapchat+ Enters The AI World By Introducing its Chatbot Called My AI

The tech world including mainstream media is taking a new turn with the introduction of AI-powered chatbots.

We’ve seen ChatGPT by OpenAI revolutionize so many industries and then we had the likes of Google and Microsoft unveil their own chatbots as potential archrivals. Now, we’re hearing about the popular social media app Snapchat taking the lead too with its own offering.

The platform opted to enter this trend by declaring its chatbot called My AI. This fellow companion is an interesting feature but it’s only in its experiment phase at this moment in time for users having a Snapchat+ subscription.

For now, this service costs $3.00 each month for signup and it’s having quite a few users accept it as a good enough deal to move ahead with.

The company announced the exciting AI feature through a recently published blog post, talking a little in detail about what to expect.

My AI is designed to provide recommendations for ideas like birthday presents, outline an entire hiking trip for those interested, and also give you suggestions for your next special dinner. And if that does not sound exciting enough, you can even customize the chatbot by giving it a name or putting a name against it with customized wallpapers.

This tool would be making use of technology created by the likes of OpenAI who are the creators behind ChatGPT. It is also the same team that has opted to be in partnership with software giant Microsoft which is making heads turn with its new Bing Search.

But it’s interesting to note how Snapchat is very open about its new offering and how it may be having some leading issues at the start and may make errors along the way too.

My AI is also being labeled as one that could be affected by hallucinations or even tricked into claiming almost anything. Hence, the company is asking users to be more forgiving and similarly have some patience as this is just a trial stage.

They even said sorry from now on for all the deficiencies that users could encounter with time. And we have to say that it’s awfully generous of them to do something like this.
Snapchat warned against sharing personal secrets with the AI-powered tool and hoped it would continue to take user feedback into consideration. They also hoped that many people would not rely upon advice because it was just not too reliable at this point in time.

We are now currently waiting for software giant Google to launch its own chatbot tool that is named Bard. Its announcement about its existence was first made this month and since then, Google is under fire from executives that it may have rushed into making the unveil a tad bit too soon.

Remember, a public demo showed how the chatbot may not be ready at this point in time as it failed to provide reliable details when asked about telescopic data regarding NASA.

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