Google Announces Breakthrough Solution For Limiting Quantum Errors On Computers

The world of quantum computers has turned into one of the best ways to see technology advance with time.

It’s a wonderful and promising technique but with that, it does tend to rise with a fair share of challenges. And only when or if they’re overcome can we see them flourish to more heights of absolute greatness. For now, the world sees it as one giant experiment.

And in the start of the week, we saw tech giant Google speak more on major advancements made on this front. It hopes to reduce the number of errors that each quantum computer could make.

Moreover, quantum computers are making use of qubits. The difference between the latter and regular bits is how qubits can exist in both the 0 and 1 states simultaneously. But the Android maker admits that these are so sensitive to external influences that small things like stray light could produce major errors in the calculations.

But now, the tech giant might be having a solution to all the problems. There are not going to be any physical qubits regarding the whole quantum processor. Instead, they’re being treated as just one of them called a logical qubit. And so far, the results are pretty interesting.

The company mentioned how their findings prove that this is a solution for quantum errors and it means we’re bound to see fewer mistakes produced as compared to the use of separate qubits. Meanwhile, other information linked to this groundbreaking discovery may be read more about in the company’s research paper across Nature.

We see this as a huge step in the right direction as far as quantum computing is concerned. But again, it’s still in its initial stages of discovery. We are far from world-linked normal supercomputers. And with time, we’ll get to see improvements made on this front.

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