Bill Gates Says Microsoft’s New AI Bing Search Will Reduce Google’s Search Engine Profits

It’s not the type of news that Google would want to hear but Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is shedding light on some very interesting facts.

We all know that the threat to achieving the top spot in the world of AI is on the rise. At the moment, the roaring success of ChatGPT proves to us that this is where the money is at this point in time.

It’s no wonder why Microsoft and Google are racing ahead with their own AI-powered chatbots. While the former has allowed for a release to a selected few members for now, we should be seeing an expansion in this regard soon.

Meanwhile, Google is still making plans for a widespread release as it continues with its fair share of internal testing. But Bill Gates has some news for Google that might not be very motivating.

He claims that the company’s profits would surely take a hit with the advent of AI technology as well as Microsoft’s new Bing Search. But are we really surprised? Well, not exactly. And this has to do with the fact that Microsoft is surely but definitely moving ahead in AI in the future.

Speaking on Monday during a recent episode of the famed podcast, ‘In Good Company’- he says Google is really in complete ownership of all the profits. But it won’t be long before we see things go downhill for the firm. And that’s because Microsoft is pulling out a lot in this front and moving ahead at a swift pace.

In 2022, Google recorded a massive $224 billion in revenue in the world of advertising. Microsoft put out revenue of just $18 billion in the same context. So as you can see, there’s a stark difference. Will that be the case in 2023? We don’t think so.

At the start of this month, Bill Gates explained to the media outlet Forbes how AI is as crucial as your PC and the internet. And he was not shy to admit that he never expected the world of AI to take on the such massive growth in 2022. And according to him, it just might be the biggest trending event of this decade.

The comments of Gates come exactly 14 days after Microsoft rolled out the new Bing Search engine that is powered by the same makers of ChatGPT. And they are boasting it’s going to be more competent and dominant than Google in the world of search.

For those that may not know, Google has been a dominant name in the era of search for more than 20 years and as per recent statistics, it holds a staggering 93% share in terms of the international search market. But Bing is only holding 3% at this point.

Google’s AI chatbot was also unveiled and it is dubbed Bard. So at this moment in time, test users are open to using either but we’re still waiting for a widespread release. And that is when we’ll really know who is better.

Gates similarly adds that there is no one winner in this AI race. But at the moment, a clear leader in the AI pack seems to be Microsoft. Furthermore, the Microsoft co-founder has gone on to detail about how he does understand what the requirements are of its users, and the Bing search is designed to do just that.

Amazon is leading in the world of e-Commerce while Google leads in search, and Microsoft leads in productivity tools. And there is no surprise to who is owning the devices market- it’s none other than leading iPhone maker Apple.

Photo: Gates Notes / YT
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