Shocking New Report Highlights Twitter’s Lack Of Action In Removing Child Abuse Content

After a declaration sent out by Elon Musk in November last year regarding Twitter’s main priority of removing child abuse content, very little has been done.

It’s clear that the new Twitter Chief has made one promise too many in this context as a shocking new report by The New York Times points out how careless the app has been in this regard.

The report showcases how content linked to child abuse is running wild and rampant on the platform with no checks and balances in play. This news comes as per a recently conducted investigation by the NYT which showcased how explicitly images of child abuse were currently circulating at alarming rates. And if that was not shocking enough, it’s interesting how Musk happened to dismiss those in charge of looking after this department.

And above all, the firm has even gone as far as giving up on sending out payments for software that’s designed to keep such content at bay.

On the other hand, the head of safety for Twitter went public to mention how the app’s efforts in this regard are paying off. She even highlighted how the firm is taking on more aggressive behavior while trying to limit the reach for such content that they feel entails explicit matters.

So far, Twitter boasts that it has deleted about 404,000 accounts during the start of this year alone. Moreover, they have also spoken about suspending the making, engaging, and distribution of such material which stands for a 112% rise in suspensions when compared to November of last year.

But what is alarming is how such accounts had never been reported to the designated regulatory body as they did not meet the threshold for transmitting illegal images. And more in-depth investigation showed how the platform continues to report nearly 8000 accounts every month to this particular center.

Twitter does admit that a lot more effort and work is required in this regard but seeing more disturbing videos with over 100,000 views on the app is just alarming for obvious reasons.

Musk has always spoken in detail about how important child safety is for the platform but his words are yet to be backed up with the right actions. And many critics are bashing the new Twitter chief for not doing more as the content of this kind trends across the app in heaps and bounds.

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