People In Pakistan Can Use Wikipedia Again After Nation Experiences A Three-Day Block

The Pakistani prime minister has given a sigh of relief to citizens after unblocking Wikipedia. This was done after a three-day countrywide block of the website.

The cause for the ban was outlined to be due to sacrilegious content that the regulators deemed to be unfit for use across the nation. But the Pakistani Prime Minister failed to see eye to eye with the call and ordered an immediate restoration of the educational website, as reported by TechCrunch recently.

He added that the ban was certainly not suitable or justifiable and was simply designed to restrict access to some content that was objectionable. Meanwhile, a recent statement was released by the Prime Minister’s office that spoke about the consequences of such bans being greater than the benefits. Therefore, it would not be allowed to go through.

The Pakistani Telecommunications Authority was believed to have degraded access to the website last week and even sent out a clear warning to all those operators of the site regarding a two-day ban. This was designed to get rid of some content or face the consequences.

Wikipedia raised some objections on the matter and before it knew it, the PTA went ahead with the decision to block the website last Friday.

On the other hand, more news spoke about Shahbaz Sharif creating a cabinet committee so that it could send out recommendations and exploration of alternative measures for getting rid of and blocking access to such content delineated as objectionable.

This is in line with situations when cultural, social, and religious conflicts are involved as matters are highly sensitive. In the same way, the committee continues to be tasked with the duty of offering several suggestions that are designed to control unlawful content in a more civilized manner.

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