ChatGPT Is Already Aiming To Rule The World As It Was Projected To Reach 100 Million Users In January

Ever since ChatGPT has been released, it is getting more users every day. According to a new study by UBS, ChatGPT is growing more exponentially than TikTok nowadays, as it may have crossed 100 million active users in January alone. ChatGPT has become a popular chatbot since its release in November 2022. In December, 57 million users became active users on ChatGPT. In January, around 13 million users used this bot every day as per SimilarWeb data. If we compare these numbers to TikTok, it took 9 months for TikTok to reach 100 million users even though the app was popular before that too. So we can imagine how ChatGPT has taken over the world right now and is getting more successful with every passing day.
The analyst from UBS also added that Instagram took around two and a half years before hitting 100 million users. Right now, ChatGPT is new for many users and there is an interest factor involved which is making people use this app. If we want to see how good ChatGPT is going to get, we have to wait a few months. We cannot say anything about its hype.
ChatGPT can be used for multiple purposes. You can get many automated answers to one of your queries, but some people say that it's going to be a huge problem as many students can use it to cheat. While ChatGPT still has many problems, like biased and incorrect information, and untrue content. But even with some drawbacks, it is one of the most successful chatbots and no other AI-based tool can compare to it.

Right now ChatGPT is completely free to use and OpenAI isn't planning on making it paid anytime soon. However, there are some paid plans available for some users who want earlier access to new updates and features of ChatGPT. The plan is just $20 per month so you will be able to get a faster response to your queries.

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