Transparency International shared the Corruption Perception Index for 2022

A Berlin-based non-profit association, Transparency International, has recently revealed the Corruption Perceptions Index for last year. The index scored 180 countries at a rate of zero to one hundred. Zero is the most corrupt and hundred as clean. Out of all the 180 countries, forty-three was the average score observed by the index.

Surprisingly, over 2/3 of the countries were found to be below the 50 percent threshold, whereas 150 of them made no potentially visible progress to counter corruption over the last ten years. The 2021 index showed that such actions against corruption were halted as a large number of countries used the COVID-19 pandemic as a shield for not taking steps in this direction.

Somalia topped the list as the most corrupt country, scoring twelve out of one hundred, followed by Syria and Sudan, both of which scored thirteen. On the opposite end, Denmark marked itself as the most corruption-free country by achieving 90 out of 100, followed by Finland and New Zealand, both of which scored 87 out of 100.

The United States of America scored sixty-nine, whereas two years ago, the country scored sixty-seven. Although Joe Biden’s government established corruption as an important issue, the country was unable to make any significant progress.

The association shared insights on corruption statistics. According to the data, the combined annual corruption accounts for almost 3.6 trillion dollars, whereas corruption in the health department has claimed the lives of over 140,000 children. Out of the 7.5 trillion dollars that are meant to be spent on health, seven percent of it goes missing due to corruption. Almost seventy-six percent of the general population believes that rich people have a strong hold on government offices and can use them for their benefit.

The World Health Organization believes that 370 billion dollars are enough to provide health facilities to every individual on earth.

Deep conflict can badly affect an entire state. Low-income households are the most common victims of corruption, as they have to suffer the most. And due to corruption in the military, terrorist organizations are getting stronger.

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