OpenAI Rolls Out ChatGPT Plus With $20 Subscriptions And Plans To Launch Its Own Mobile App

The makers of ChatGPT appear to be on a roll after the success of the AI-powered tool in the tech market.

Now, OpenAI says it hopes to monetize the viral trend further by launching the pilot version of its subscription plan for ChatGPT. The latter is the name given to the AI-powered text-generating software that may write and produce images such as human essays, emails, lyrics, and many more.

The new feature begins at $20 a month and this service is delivering a huge array of benefits including base-level ChatGPT. So what are the features that are up for grabs? Well, it includes the likes of general access to the tool during peak hours, swifter response times, and gaining priority access for innovative features and mega improvements.

For now, the company did reduce people’s woes about the free tier of the platform possibly being eliminated as that’s not the case. But if you pay more, you’ll surely attain more, the company mentioned.

This pilot launch is currently restricted to the likes of the US for now. But with time, the company does plan on calling in more people from a waitlist in the next few months with the thought of an expansion of the Plus program so that more nations may benefit.

Today, the company released a statement that says that the whole idea behind ChatGPT was a research preview to get more information about the advantages linked to the system and what weaknesses there may be. In the same way, it gathered plenty of user feedback to better enhance its limitations.

After that, people have really started to give feedback and there have really been several important updates on the matter too. People are loving and use the feature to the best of their interests, be it personal or professional.

You can draft content, make edits, design images, and so much more, OpenAI added in its recent blog post today.

Clearly, the firm is on a roll and is busy exploring the likes of other options along the way. This entails lower-cost plans and some data packs in addition to the usual API at stake.

Meanwhile, in other news, we also saw the firm preview the launch for this Plus variant at the start of this month. It went public about how it really wished to make more money from the tool and rightly so. The success of this feature can’t be denied and after it sent out a survey about what the paid version would entail, the response generated was mostly positive.

But the controversy regarding the tool does not end. Some hate it while others adore it. Moreover, it’s getting plenty of attention from the media, good or bad. Today, we heard about a new report that showed how the company is busy with the launch of a feature that helps educators detect AI-powered content. It’s like an anti-AI tool or detector.

Another report about the makers of ChatGPT had to do with the likes of it being busy with another major project that’s currently in the pipeline. This was linked to a new ChatGPT mobile app. In addition to the app, users would gain access and benefits to the likes of AI-generated videos.

Clearly, this company is here to send ripples in the tech world and by the looks of it, they’re doing a pretty decent job so far. What do you think?

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