Apple’s iPhone Hardware Subscription Is Not Ready For Launch Due To Engineering Delays

Apple says it is nowhere near ready for the launch of its new iPhone hardware subscription.

The news comes as the Cupertino firm suffers more engineer delays on this front, quite similar to how its Apple Pay Layer feature is getting delayed.

The news was published today through an insightful report by Bloomberg which spoke about the launch of both these pivotal rollouts.

But that does not mean the hard subscription service feature for iPhones isn’t being worked on.

As recently put out by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there are a total of four great offerings up on the cards for Apple. This entails the likes of two that have been unveiled publicly. They include Apple Pay Later and Apple Savings Account.

Meanwhile, the other two are still awaiting a more public reveal but they entail the Apple Pay Monthly Installments feature and the subscription program for iPhone hardware. Moreover, the latter was scheduled for a launch to arise side by side with the iPhone 13, two years back.

Clearly, that didn’t end up happening because of some major setbacks due to delays in engineering and more technical issues. This has enabled slow progress and a lot of missed deadlines to arise.

But the project still remains in the company’s pipeline and is yet to be completely deleted.

This feature has been discussed as offering a number of financing choices for those with iOS devices as the cost for monthly charges does get split up across a span of just one or two months. Instead, it would arise at a monthly fee that totally depends on the likes of what kind of device a user selects.

All of the company’s fintech services that were outlined above are curated on Apple’s own base. And that is what makes it so exclusive and very ambitious in its world of finance efforts.

The feature is called project breakout and this type of platform is what the tech giant would make use of to completely shift so many projects to a more in-house location. This entails the likes of checks, histories of past transactions, and also approvals. For now, they’ve been overlooked by the tech giant’s own partners.

Apple realizes that the current financial push on this front has been more difficult than many people may have anticipated. And the delays on these projects are all due to engineering hurdles and its desire to make a new financial system that may end up supporting them in a better manner.

As far as an expected launch date for Apple Pay Later is concerned, rumor has it that we should be seeing something arise toward the end of March or even April. And that’s a prediction that’s also set out by Gurman. For now, there is yet to be any form of an update speaking about a timeline that handles the likes of the Apple Card Savings Account or the iPhone Subscription, which isn’t even planned yet. The same stands true for the company’s Pay Monthly Service feature.

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