How Noticeable Is Apple’s Latest Ratings Sweep On The App Store? The Answer Might Surprise You

For a while now, one question has been bothering plenty of people out there. And it’s related to Apple’s latest ratings sweep on the App Store and how noticeable it really is.

Thanks to app intelligence from Appfigures, we’ve got some very interesting findings.

Plenty of developers made it a point to be vocal about how their iOS apps were losing ratings. The figures were linked to the previous week.

Meanwhile, in the year 2022, we saw this happen more than once. And now, we’re expecting it to take center stage again in terms of a clear sweep linked to fake ratings. The reason it’s being stressed so much is simple. We are looking at an analysis of keyword rankings and results related to it.

The goal of this study was to gain a better understanding of how deep such a sweep would end up being. Remember, the figures were crunched and then the results were produced in a manner where users became utmost surprised.

To see such an impact arise, an analysis of the sweep was looked at in detail. Around 100 apps and their respective ratings with games were seen in nations like the US in the past month. They’re looking at figures that popped up on the App Store for that day and then the figures restricted to the US were seen.

Can you determine how many ratings for the leading 100 apps in America were put together? The total for just yesterday turned out to be 348,268,613. Yes, only for yesterday.

Meanwhile, in the past month, the leading 100 iOS apps as well as games got more than 5 million ratings. And such figures are huge. But coming back to this particular sweep, we’re seeing the figures as a total for the entire ordeal. Experts claim they did expect to see a huge drop arise at some point but that just did not happen.

Now, what does that mean? Is this particular sweep even real or not? For instance, you have apps like VPN-Super Unlimited Proxy coming in at number 41 and that lost around 3000 ratings. And you’ll be amazed it wasn’t the only one.

But when looking at the grand picture, this sweep was not noticeable by a huge margin. And that made so many people realize that it’s an indicator of a smaller scale of the whole sweep.

There is a constant challenge linked to tracking sweeps such as these. The whole concept has to do with capturing the entire ratings of all apps on a daily basis. While the top platforms are quite popular and keep on getting so many ratings each day, Apple removes just the current ratings and does not block any newer ones. So if the company did get rid of a few ratings as it continued to include more, the impact would not be huge, if any.

The figures would have been the same and these new stats claim they were not. As a whole, Apple got rid of a small number of ratings in total.

Experts from this study showed how small-scale apps were hit harder in general. And that’s how many are expecting the Cupertino firm to look at things. They’re not going to have a huge impact.

And don’t expect the sweep to affect the likes of keyword rankings as they’re dependent solely on the likes of newer ratings.

As can be seen through this new report, the sweep is definitely huge. It’s a two-step process and the first step revolves around identifying accounts that are fake and used solely for the sake of ratings. Next, the goal is to shut them down from entering the App Store. And lastly, the company needs to eliminate any ratings put out by such fake accounts which turn into a sweep.

This report was a definite eye-opener for us and the critics taking part in the analysis. And we’re sure you’d feel the same about it too. Who knew sweeps could be untrue to an extent like this?

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