WhatsApp's Latest Beta: New Features for iOS and Android Users including Text Detection, Block Shortcut, and more

WhatsApp, the famous messaging app, has just released new beta versions for both iOS and Android, bringing new updates and modifications to the app. The iOS beta version and the Android beta version are now available for testing by beta testers.

Let's start by taking a look at the new characteristics and improvements in the iOS beta version According to a report from WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp updates, the new version includes a new feature for group calls. Specifically, the app now allows users to quiet notifications for group calls, which can be useful for avoiding distractions during work or other important activities. Additionally, the new version also includes a fix for a bug that caused the app to crash when making a voice or video call.

In addition to the new updates and improvements mentioned above, the iOS beta version also contains a new text detection component. This feature allows the app to automatically notice texts within images shared on WhatsApp.

This can save users time and make it easier for them to recognize the texts within images. The text detection feature works in both group and personal chats and will detect the text in any language that WhatsApp supports. The company is also working to improve this feature in future updates. The text detection feature is a small but useful addition to WhatsApp that can save users time and can add to their satisfaction's utility.

The Android beta version also carries some new updates and fixes to the app. According to WABetaInfo, this version includes a new characteristic that permits users to change the color of the chat bubbles. This feature can be accessed by going to WhatsApp settings and then selecting "chats." Users can then choose from a variety of colors for their chat bubbles.

In addition to the new features and edits mentioned above, the Android beta version also contains a new block shortcut feature. This feature allows users to quickly block contact by long-pressing on their chat and selecting the "block" option from the pop-up menu.

This new feature can save users time and make it more suitable for them to block a contact. It's worth noting that, previously, users had to go to the contact's profile and then select the "block" option to block a contact, which was a multi-step process. This new shortcut feature will make the process much simpler, allowing users to block contact with just a few taps. This is a useful addition to the app, especially for those who frequently block or unblock contacts.

Overall, WhatsApp's new beta versions for iOS and Android bring new updates and edits to the app, making the messaging experience more personalized and efficient. The new features like text recognition within images, block shortcuts, and updated bug fixes, are an indication of the company's effort to make the app more user-friendly. However, these features are only available to beta testers at the moment, and it remains to be seen when they will be released to the public.

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