WhatsApp Beta Has Tests New Updates For Android Users, Including Chat Transfer And Bookmark Icon For Disappearing Messages

New updates for WhatsApp Beta for Android Version and are just around the corner so we have to see what WhatsApp is offering in these updates. The first update that is rolling out for version is about Kept Messages. Previously we also mentioned this feature but now WhatsApp has made some additions to this feature. The Kept Messages feature allows the users to temporarily save disappearing messages and the users can un-keep them whenever they want. This means that messages kept do not get deleted from the chat and everyone in the chat can see them. Now the addition to this feature is a mark that appears next to a Kept message. It is a bookmark icon and everyone in the chat will be able to identify a Disappearing Message which has been kept.

This way the message will not be removed from the chat even if the disappearing message feature is on and the messages have expired. The biggest benefit of this feature is that users will be able to easily identify a Kept Message from a regular disappearing message. This update is still under development and WhatsApp hasn't given any news as to when it will roll out.
Another new update that will be available in the WhatsApp Beta for Android Version 2.23.25 is Chats Transfer. Previously, WhatsApp released an update that lets users transfer their chats from Android to IOS easily without losing their chat history. Now WhatsApp is working on an update that will let users transfer their WhatsApp for Android chat history to other Android devices. In the future, you will be able to find this feature on WhatsApp by going to Settings>Chats on the WhatsApp app. This means that the users will no longer need to back up their chat history on Google Drive and all the work will be done by using the chat transfer option on WhatsApp.

In the long run, this feature might not be too useful but it's good if you want to transfer the chat history to another device quickly. It's always better to keep your chats backed up on Google Drive because this is the safest option. This feature is still under development so we do not know when it will be released. Hold tight, because WhatsApp still has many other exciting features coming.

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