Twitter’s User Feeds Will Soon Default To Either ‘For You’ Or ‘Following’ So Users Can See Favorable Tweets

If you happen to be a part of the bunch that is simply tired of the Twitter app trying hard to force recommended tweets in your face, this update is for you.

The social media giant confirmed today how users’ feeds would now default to two options, one which is ‘For You’ and the other which is ‘Following’. This way, users can witness favorable tweets across the board from profiles they enjoy following.

The home timeline is now dubbed ‘For you’ and this is where you’ll find the app trying hard to boost its engagement by showcasing several tweets that users may adore. The news comes with the recent launch of the Following feed through which you can side-swipe. It just pumps in more and more content through the likes of an app that arrives on the leading display.

This can be avoided on your web interface, for now, with major plans of launching into iOS and Android devices too. It’s a default option so your feed can enter the ‘For You’ or the ‘Following’ feature.

We can only imagine how happy and welcome users would feel with this news but experts feel things might not be going in the platform’s favor. This is as the firm tries to enhance engagement across the platform.

Remember, all social media apps are relying on the likes of their algorithms to amplify the content that they love and get rid of all others. These are the basics linked to every app’s bottom line metrics and showcase how they’re performing in general.

Meta has for a while mentioned how it hopes to double down on the number of posts that are recommended across user feeds on its leading social media apps Facebook and Instagram. But it will not be giving users the chance to set their feeds on a permanent basis.

In case you’re wondering why, well, the answer is quite straightforward. The tech giant knows that most users would want a feed that features all the things they adore but they will not even think about switching things up each time such an app is opened.

Every time they scroll through the likes of recommendations, you’ll see them tapping on newer things and watching more videos while finding more individuals that they’re keen on following.

See, it’s all a game about growth metrics that rise when users are offered a large spread of unique content. But when you know this, it’s interesting and surprising why Twitter is going against the rules and turning its recommendations off.

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