Twitter To Launch An Expensive Ad-Free Version Of Its Blue Subscription And New Video Chat Features

Twitter chief Elon Musk recently announced how the company is working on a new version of its Blue Subscription that users could soon benefit from.

The whole thought process behind the launch would be to introduce a variant that is free from ads but that means saying hello to more expensive costs.

The ad-free tier would enable users to browse across the app without them witnessing any form of advertisements. The Tesla CEO says that there are one too many ads on the platform and they’re incredibly large in size. Hence, Twitter is taking some big steps to address such issues in the upcoming few weeks.

Musk mentioned through a series of Tweets during the afternoon hours of Saturday that the higher-priced app subscription would allow for zero ads to arise.

In places like America, the subscription to Twitter Blue estimates to be nearly $11 a month and that’s if the user makes use of Twitter on iOS or Android. Meanwhile, on the web, you’ll find that both Apple and Google won’t be taking their mighty share. Therefore, it’s cheaper and costs a mere $8 every month.

The news comes as the platform starts revamping its subscription in November of this year. Hence, this means you’re going to be seeing fewer ads on the timeline and it’s definitely a major selling point that the firm has gone about pushing.

The perk comes with the coming soon label whenever you make the point to go and sign up for this service. By some predictions, the app’s advertising revenue has dramatically fallen ever since Elon Musk took over the firm in October of last year.

As per recent reports published by The Information, one executive from the firm explained to employees on Tuesday how the daily revenue figures were down by 40% from the same day that arose in the past year.

There was even one internal slide that explained how the cause of such a massive decline had to do with the relaunching of Twitter Blue. This saw the platform getting overrun by the likes of verified trolls that used such a feature for impersonation of stars, brands, and some more popular accounts on the app.

In other news, the platform is also working on introducing some new and exciting video features. The news comes to us thanks to social media app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who revealed through his public status how Twitter could soon be launching video chat features. For now, that’s all we know but we’ll surely keep you updated with more details as they arrive.

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