YouTube Partners With Top US University To Provide Students With College Credits

Leading video search platform YouTube has confirmed today how its new partnership with a leading American university will provide users with the chance to attain college credits.

Just when you thought the app was solely for entertainment comes news that has really left a lot of people stunned. The new partnership with Arizona State University and another educational video firm is definitely worth raving about. And that’s simply because it's never been done so in the past.

The firm owned by the likes of Google claims this new program that’s dubbed College Foundations is created for the sake of providing students with easy and affordable methods to get credits.

The program rolls out today so students are eligible to sign up for at least four different courses that would begin in March of this year. This is similarly eligible for the likes of transfer credit too. But remember, such programs don’t require any apps or any minimal GPA for being enrolled.

But what it does entail is the like courses from a college’s respective first year and that includes Human Communication, Real World College Math, and even Rhetoric and Composition. There’s even US History.

This particular program is all set to begin with 4 courses but in a span of just two years, we could see it expand to around 12 courses so students get the credit they deserve for one whole year of college. There’s even a $25 fee attached for students that electively register and start their coursework.

Those who do end up signing up before the likes of March 7 would also end up receiving a $50 discount on the overall fee. Moreover, such courses would continually be offered until students are happy with the grade they’re receiving. Moreover, such credits would then be utilized at educational institutions that take on credits from the same university that YouTube is partnering up with.

This feature called College Foundations is a complete expansion of the current Study Hall partnership that’s seen between the likes of Arizona’s State University, Crash Course, and even YouTube. It’s a newly founded educational channel that has nearly 14 million users and the founders include John and Hank Green.

The company recently sent out a blog post where they spoke about compelling storytelling and its association with YouTube’s platform. And to begin, students would even be given the chance to get a sneak peek of what the program is like before they go on the journey to earn credits.

After getting enrolled, students could attain features like success coaches through emails that provide guidance for assignments. Moreover, you get to attain certain flexibilities like completing your work whenever it’s feasible for you.

If you wish to get more support, some teachers would open office hours that are optional.

The news is definitely being applauded and YouTube has been hailed for being home to several other forms of educational content in the past too. Now, the golden chance to earn college credits through its platform is definitely a game changer and one that people are liking for obvious reasons.

This report about the new program arises at a time when the app just unveiled Courses which is a feature that would bring about learning experiences that are structured and seen on YouTube in places like India. Mentors would get the chance to publish and set up videos while providing text materials and queries that could be taken straight from the video platform.

So if you can avail it, we suggest you don’t waste any time and go right ahead.

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