Google In Hot Water As US Department of Justice And Eight American States File Lawsuit Accusing It Of Monopoly

Matters are surely not running in Google’s favor after the search engine giant was sent a lawsuit by the US DOJ and several other states. This alleged how the corporation was serving as a monopoly in several digital advertising tech products.

The case goes on to mention how Google makes use of several types of advertising technologies that webpages can rely on. Furthermore, it has now become so dependent on it over the years. And this is bad news because so many competitors are forced to suffer as a consequence of Google’s selfish actions.

The whole purpose of the lawsuit is to assist in restoring the same competitive flair that was seen in digital advertising. The case goes on to reveal how in the last 15 years, the search engine giant continues to be involved in actions that are not only anti-competitive but also exclusionary.

This forces publishers and even advertisers of using products while stating such actions eliminate competitors in today’s ads industry. In the same way, it accuses the firm of using such tactics to thrive while attaining the leading position at which it rests today.

They feel this is so unlawful and even pledged how it’s vigorous in forcing such antitrust laws so consumers remain protected. The DOJ wants to ensure competition continues to flourish for others to benefit. In the end, this allows for economic fairness and equal chances for all.

As it is, the tech giant is facing many lawsuits in terms of business practices and at the moment, it stands to fight one linked to an anti-trust case, which again has the Federal authorities and DOJ involved. This case surfaced in 2020 as per reports. But it’s confirmed that it has nothing to do with the case seen today.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how that case is similar in terms of complaints filed against the tech giant. The only difference is linked to the whole business of search engines.

This case also alleged how it prevented competition in a very unfair manner. And that led to it dominating all the space. This particular litigation would be entering into a trial by September of this year.

It wouldn’t be wrong to label this new case as one being red-hot. But that does not mean we’ll be seeing it go into a trial anytime soon. Who knows, the firm just might be slapped with another major case through the likes of the American Department of Justice.

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