Twitter Relaunches Swipeable Feed Alternatives As Frustration Grows With The App’s Recommendations

In case you did not know by now, Twitter’s latest version is actually taking a step backward as no new additions are actually really new. Musk claims they are all really some great variations of the past trials that the app has been busy with.

The Twitter Chief has been super busy in terms of repitching these upgrades as he foists them in a manner that has enlightened the app’s users.

Musk’s new addition says that it was launched a while back in March but after a few days, it was removed so you could swipe among those that were algorithmically defined as a part of a home timeline and some latest tweets.

But so many users across the board really hated that whole timeline approach. It kept on showing old tweets as well as those from individuals that they were not keen on following. Some tweets may have even been loved by their so-called connections.

Twitter says that the feedback across the board was super clear. Users do not want alternative timelines, they only want this main feed to be the latest tweets out there.

Now, it appears that Elon Musk and Co are yet to uncover such feedback as they’re sorting through previous documents from Twitter. Now, they’re rolling it out again as the new Twitter navigation. Truly, it’s a brilliant approach from Twitter which is working hard at pushing more content into the app’s main feed.

It’s all about the expansion of the tweet discovery and people started getting annoyed because they are being given an algorithm-defined feed with a timeline of tweets that has people you follow in sequential order.

Twitter discovery is a new approach and it really does hope this side-swipe navigation will remove the frustration of users. This similarly would allow for more tweets to enter into people’s feeds too.

Twitter has proven with time that there are so many recommendations out there that are AI-based. If you do get it right, you can really attain some great benefits and in this case, it’s higher engagement and so much more retention. Twitter’s algorithm is not good but it can get great with time, at least this is what Elon Musk is hoping for.

Side swiping takes you on an experience that you really do wish to go on. But how successful that would turn out to be, time will tell.

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