Parents Believe that Technology is the Future of Learning and that's Why Most of Them Rely on Tech for Educating Their Children

It's a world full of technology that even parents cannot live without for raising their children. A survey between 2,000 parents in the USA proved that parents of children between the ages of 3 to 7 years use technology to teach their children before enrolling them in formal educational institutes. But there are also some parents which do not use any kind of technology with a percentage of 26%. 60% of the parents said they believe that learning through technology is the only way by which their child can progress along with the world. While some parents do not like the use of technology, 82% believe that they would like to learn through technology when they were younger.

This survey was conducted by One Poll on behalf of Duolingo ABC which is a learning app for children, it was proven that technology is the best way to learn. This survey concluded that 71% of parents have already used a technology app for their child's learning. 74% say that they think technology helps their children learn a lot, and this makes them less stressed in their parenting. 79% of parents in the survey said that by using technology, they make their child learn something new like a language or a new hobby. This is the reason that 64% of children use technology for creative learning. 67% of children also use technology for communicating with their family and friends. This way they learn socialization through an online approach.

This isn't all because technology is doing much more for parents like scheduling duties for their children. By using technology, parents can schedule different activities for children like sports or meal timings. Millennials are also learning the use of technology because they believe that it has to be used side by side with other activities to live in this world. Many parents are making themselves familiar with technology and want to learn it for the sake of their children. 63% of parents are still struggling to understand the technology while 69% of them are teaching their child about how to use the technology.

Many parents are also learning the ways by which their children can learn more effectively. 39% of parents believe that they are willing to learn more about technology as per the recommendation from their child's teacher and the success of peers. That being said, 81% of parents have a strong belief that technology is indeed the future of education and if you want to survive in this world, it is a must to learn it.
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