Twitter Launches New Swipeable Feed Option So Users Can Only See Tweets From Followers

There’s nothing worse on a social media app than seeing a post from someone you don’t even follow.

Therefore, Twitter is now hearing out the cries of the masses and launching a new swipeable feed option so users can only see tweets from those they love and follow.

Elon Musk, who is the company’s chief mentioned the news over the weekend and now, we’re seeing it be rolled out in the form of a swipeable option for timelines. This just makes it so much more convenient for users of the platform to switch between their main feed that’s defined by the algorithm to a chronological feed.

The former includes posts from those who you don’t follow and the latter includes posts from people you happen to be following on the app. Yes, it’s true that Twitter launched this in March of last year and even added the option for pinning swipeable feeds of the most recent posts by tapping on the star icon located in the app’s top right.

This is a new process and it’s essentially the same as the usual Twitter that’s renamed for feeds such as For You and Following. It’s better than the previous Home and Latest Tweets.

Clearly, the option is going to be loved and valued across the board for some obvious reasons than that seen last year as Twitter is really putting together as many recommendations and updates as it can possibly include across its user feeds. The idea is to get a lot of users to explore more features and posts on the app that the platform is offering. See, the more engagement, the more revenue, and the happier Musk and his team would be as you’re spending long hours on the app.

This is partly the secret recipe for the success of leading social media giants like TikTok. It constantly shows users an array of things they love as compared to making them follow a specific person or profile. The algorithm really goes the extra mile to learn more about what users are into and hence, it puts up just that.

This provides the ultimate advantage of putting out the best content from the platform and boosting your engagement. The major difference between that and what we have going on here at Twitter is that the latter’s algorithm is rubbish and what you get in the end is vague and tangled-up tweets that you might never be fond of. Hope they’re trying to fix that now because it’s high time.

No one wants to see, and neither has the time to get caught up in that mess. But still, this feature brings hope to us all.

For now, the feature is solely for iOS users but we do hope for an Android release soon. However, there is no news on when and if that’s going to happen. But we’ll surely keep you posted on it.

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