Social Network Mastodon Sees Massive Decline In Active Users After Musk Drove One Million People To The App

Elon Musk may have succeeded in driving more than a million people to the social network called Mastodon but the success seems to have been very short lived.

As per recent statistics, the number of active users on Mastodon has fallen by nearly 30% ever since we witnessed a peak and right after that, we saw a slow-paced decline. The facts were boldly outlined on the app’s own website.

During the first week of this month, nearly 1.8 million people were active, and that was down by around 2.5 million during the start of December.

Mastodon is a famous open-source social network that functions in an independent manner from its hosted servers. It’s been promoted as Twitter’s right hand as it’s awfully similar and could even be dubbed as its alternative too.

But for quite a few people out there, it simply does not fulfill that particular role of Twitter that many had expected it to and therefore, critics now claim it’s having trouble with users understanding it as it’s just too complicated and wouldn’t be able to replace it.

One social media expert mentioned how Twitter is very simple and straightforward and that’s why people love it. You can open the app or the website, add a few words, and then you’re done. It’s like a simple platform that’s based on the likes of SMS.

There were nearly 500,000 users active on this platform before we saw billionaire Elon Musk acquire Twitter toward the end of October. But by the middle of November, that figure climbed to nearly 2 million people that were active on the app.

That period was a gold one and we could really see the app doing well at that time, now, however, it’s a whole different ball game. At that time, there was plenty of uncertainty linked to Twitter. People were worried about where the app was headed and hence didn’t want to be linked to it.

But Mastodon just couldn’t hold up. Users claim that they’re a fan of the Twitter app because you can simply mute and then block and for that reason, they’re in love with it. But some people still do feel like it’s toxic and they need to escape, which is why they ended up on the likes of Mastodon.

We saw the rapid surge of users on Mastodon arise and continue throughout November. It peaked at nearly 130,000 users in just one day. The upticks were coinciding with some very controversial decisions designed by Musk.

There were decisions to terminate thousands of jobs staff members on Twitter and we also saw changes made to the app’s verification and moderation policies. Then we saw Musk reinstate controversial accounts like that of Donald Trump. He even came up with polls to help him make some serious decisions that people thought were ridiculous and run by bots.

So as you can see, there were more reasons to hate the Twitter platform than to love it.

Data produced from the likes of Google went on to reveal how there were surges in searches for the Mastadon app in April last year and during that period, billionaire Elon Musk turned out to be the company’s biggest shareholder.

Mastodon still failed to capture target audiences despite other social networks being successful. We saw the likes of BeReal really hit it big with the masses and even social audio apps like Clubhouse tried to get audiences but failed as it was too exclusive, to begin with.

So as you can see, people are very picky and if you give them something they like, they’ll reward you for it by sticking to that app like a true royal fan. Unfortunately, that was not the case with Mastadon.

H/T: TheGuardian.

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