Apple Designs Its Own MicroLED Displays For Its iPhone And Apple Watch

Leading iPhone maker Apple is silently working on some big new projects and one of them is a MicroLED display.

The feature would be used in the company’s own iPhone and Smart Watch series as per reports from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. It went on to mention how screens would now be showing up on several devices as early as the next year. And that’s after a staggering timeline of planning worth 5 years.

At the moment, the Cupertino firm is making use of displays created by a series of vendors. For instance, Samsung produces the OLED panels needed for the iPhone 14 series while some of them come from the likes of LG and BOE.

But just because Apple is producing its own does not mean it won’t be putting reliance on other vendors to get the job done too. So that means others would produce similar displays but this time around, they’d be doing it by making use of Apple’s designs and other range of specifications, instead of that of another firm.

You can see the decision as one that’s quite like the company’s decision to make use of chip designs seen in laptops as well as desktop PCs. It’s ditching the likes of Intel and also reaping some great benefits in terms of massive performance as well as benefits linked to battery life.

While the actual task of producing processors falls in the likes of TSMC but the tech giant claims to have full control over the whole design process.

This report mentioned how Apple is expected to ship out MicroLED screens on the smartwatch series as its first priority which means it could be rolled out by next year. This would end up replacing the likes of OLED display screens that they’re featured with already. The goal is rather ambitious, considering the tiny size requirements needed for MicroLED.

In case you didn’t know, the only real tech product making use of it on a commercial basis is the Samsung massive television called The Wall. But this decision is on Apple’s list for a while now and it’s great to see them moving ahead with it now, finally.

A few years back, we saw Bloomberg publish a report that talked about how the firm was slowly but surely creating screen technology in-house that was solely for its smartwatch series. And then in 2014, we even heard the news about it taking on a new microLED startup that’s called LuxView. And then in 2022, we heard some news about the tech giant working on the likes of very thin OLED and MicroLED screens for the company’s AR headsets.

We might be seeing the firm do something more similar that what’s done with producing in-house chips. The plan of action is to begin at a small level and then move up onwards.

Obviously, when it comes down to the likes of a smartwatch, it would be starting off really small because let’s face the facts. The Apple Watch has its fair share of sales but the level is nothing when you compare it to the likes of the iPhone right.

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