Twitter Gears Up For The Launch Of Its Advanced Mobile Search Filters

Twitter has been working on a feature called advanced search filters for smartphones for a while now. But it appears that it’s finally getting ready for the launch.

The new option is guaranteed to provide a wide array of filters and options that fine-tune your search on the app. As can be seen thanks to new screenshots provided by leading social media enthusiast and expert Matt Navarra, it’s definitely a great ordeal for obvious reasons when searching.

The feature is designed to provide users with an array of new qualifiers for various queries and this includes date ranges, hashtags, mentions, account mentioned, and even a like and retweet counter.

Now, these qualifiers are getting built into the platform and are up for grabs in the option for Advanced Search on a user’s desktop. It’s accessible by simply pressing on Advanced Search links that are located in the Search Box, moments after a keyword search is conducted.

So far, users have not been able to grab their hands on it in terms of mobile accessibility. You may end up using them but you need a certain type of understanding of search parameters to make use of more qualifiers on the mobile application.

Users can further make use of some more search parameters when producing tweet searches on a certain account’s profile. This way, you have a better probability of finding a particular tweet from a certain individual at one particular time.

Really, it is time that Twitter enhanced its in-app search game because this is one feature that has been requested for years and we can totally relate as to why.

Twitter’s new chief Elon Musk vowed to enhance the in-app search and among the different additions, as it noted, Twitter has been working long and hard on making bigger and better improvements in the past few weeks.

This is a really great example of working prototypes in today’s day and age. But we do feel it’s going to be interesting when this feature makes it up to the live environment. After all, seeing Musk take on the most hardcore approach to engineering proves he is not keen on any delay between the likes of implementation and even testing. Therefore, we certainly don’t need to wait too long for this.

And most importantly, it’s sure to be a mega addition to the entire Twitter process so we feel that’s a win-win situation. What do you think?

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