Hacker Forum Puts Out Data From 200 Million Twitter Users For Free

A few weeks back, a new dataset came forward to mention how they had a lot of private details including email IDs and phone numbers of nearly 400 million users on Twitter. These were put up for sale across forums designated for breached data by such hackers.

The information was published by the hacker dubbed Ryushi and it was first put up on December 22 of last year.

This hacker reportedly collected the details by making use of a new and unique technique called data scraping and a vulnerability in the software of the Twitter app. Thankfully, that has now been fixed.

The hacker mentioned how it was indeed the Twitter app that must be blamed for data getting hacked so easily, providing an easy pathway for vulnerability on such forums. So now, he wants to avoid the mega $276 million USD fine by the GDPR that was put out by the likes of Meta’s Facebook as it failed to obey the hacker’s demands.

This post also set forward sample data arising from nearly 37 celebrities, journalists, and even firms like Government based agencies. Common names included the likes of Doja Cat, AOC, and the WHO. Now, you can obtain such data that are free of cost as of Wednesday afternoon when researchers at the Privacy Affairs found proof of account details belonging to as many as 200 million users.

This is not the news that people like Elon Musk would be wanting during a time when Twitter is already facing a mega-crisis in terms of generating revenue. Now, this data is for all that wish to download it for free and it’s currently being outlined at a price worth $200k since it was the month of December.

There were a few other entities involved like Trump, SpaceX, CBS Media, and the NBA among others. This database reported 63GB and this data included the likes of account names, creation dates, handles, and even the number of followers. You could use this for the likes of social engineering that’s better known as doxing but a new report by Privacy Affairs mentioned how phone numbers weren’t a part of this leak.

For now, this new breach is not something that needs to be dismissed, especially in terms of users setting out controversial topics under unknown accounts. It’s a leak that doxxes personal email IDs and users that are outlined to be high profile.

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