Top 10 Most Popular And Downloaded Apps Of 2022 Revealed

If there is one metric you should know about in the tech world, it has to do with which applications users are installing in their everyday lives. As we bid farewell to 2022 and embrace 2023 with a bang, what better time than now to witness the stats?

The year 2022 witnessed the Facebook platform fall by nearly 25% but the leading video-making app TikTok continued with its evergreen winning streak. And then we had the likes of CapCut make the list, which is famous for its obscure video editing software. It managed to make the list of the top four most installed apps of last year, taking many critics by surprise.

But one shock that we didn’t receive is related to how it’s owned by TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance. And now, it’s a huge hit and one of the favorite tools for influencers that are creating this magic in the form of TikTok videos. How smart can TikTok get?

Unlike the year 2021, there were two games that made the top 10 list in terms of global installations as per data that was announced today. This was all thanks to the mobile intelligence company Apptopia.

Yes, it’s true that installations from the Facebook app were certainly down but Meta does not have a lot to worry about as its WhatsApp platform continued with growth both around the globe and also in the US. But this is taking place at the cost of the company’s Messenger application.

What is the top 10 list of the most downloaded apps taking place around the globe? We’ve highlighted the stats for your below so let’s take a look!

It was TikTok that reigned supreme at 672 million while Instagram and WhatsApp came in at 548 and 424 million respectively. Then CapCut took the fourth position at 357 million while Snapchat and Telegram were next in line with 310 and 304 million downloads.

The eighth position on the list went to Facebook with 298 million installations and Stumble Guys came ninth with 254 million, followed up by Spotify which rounded up the list at 238 million.

While that was global, let’s take a look at the list for the US.

TikTok again was crowned the leader with 99 million downloads and then Instagram and Cash App followed up with 72 and 64 million downloads respectively, not to mention WhatsApp which was trailing nearby at 63 million.

Snapchat, Subway Surfers, and Roblox took the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions. And then the eighth went to Amazon, Messenger, and even Facebook.

This list by Apptopia showed some major changes in today’s mobile ecosystem and people were really spending a lot of time on mobile phones. WhatsApp is doing great and Messenger is not so much but this is proof of how much people want to communicate with others through technology. It’s an integral part of their lives. Today, the US is growing in terms of Telegram downloads that we didn’t see in the past year.

Similarly, this new report highlighted some major shifts in the world of eCommerce. SHEIN turned out to be the most installed application for shopping globally and it was downloaded 229 million times. On the other hand, we had the likes of Wish making the top of the downloads list since the year 2017 but today, it’s not seen elsewhere.

As far as the US is concerned, it was Amazon that led the pack, closely followed up by SHEIN. There were a few new entrants that did make a shakeup. This includes Pinduoduo, taking the 8th position on the US list.

Take a look at below graphics for more insights:
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