Twitter Could Be In Big Trouble In Europe As Stalling Of Its Research Program Casts Doubts Over Upcoming Regulation

The stalling of a research program by Twitter, which many experts viewed as crucial for compliance with Europe’s new regulations, could mean trouble.

Former employees from the organization recently mentioned their concerns about the news to Reuters and how the company may find it hard to fulfill all the requirements set forth in the new European legislation.

The DSA by the EU is one of the harshest regulations seen across different internet forums and that’s why such news might not be in the firm’s best interest. The whole point is to have tech giants scrambling to meet the new requirements regarding content moderation, right before such a law arrives by 2024.

The company signed a series of voluntary agreements that arose in June when the EU came forward to the DSA and started to commit to the likes of empowering the whole research community via the likes of dataset sharing on disinformation among researchers.

The whole goal here is to make the web a safer place for all and also have the right mechanism in place to make sure companies are accountable for their actions. Meanwhile, the firm’s ex-safety in charge says this research group, Twitter’s Moderation Research Consortium, used to be a huge part of data compilation through manipulation of the app and gave details to researchers. And during that time, they made sure the platform was positioned in a very unique manner.

Around 10 to 15 workers that were busy working on consortiums ended up leaving the firm since Elon Musk took over in October of last year. This law would ensure platforms having more than 45 million European Union users were about to respond to the likes of research proposals across the EU.

When a firm fails to comply with the likes of the DSA, it could end up causing fines equivalent to 6% of revenue generated globally or a ban across operations seen in the EU. Reuters says it could not determine if the company made alternative plans or wished to comply with the likes of the DSA.

There was one email where the firm’s current lead for trust and safety says they’re fully ready to comply with the new rules in place. She also shed light on how the app currently has an entire team of workers for this.

However, she failed to put out comments on any detailed queries regarding the current status of the consortium and how many workers were busy working on such things, or how the firm would be working to comply with such rules of the DSA.

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