Good News For Meta As Facebook’s Usage Is Increasing As It Develops New AI-Based Models

Most people feel Facebook may have lost its touch as one of the world’s leading apps but we’ve got some interesting news for you.

The latest set of results is proving otherwise as stats highlight how it continues to be a leading platform for so many individuals.

The ability for it to stay updated and other users informed about what is going on makes this the app to be for obvious reasons.

But other than that, a series of other key findings in terms of usage trends were observed on both Facebook and Instagram and these were publicized by the likes of the Wall Street Journal.

The company says that gather what had been gathered during the mid of Q4 proved how the amount of time that users were spending on Facebook around the world was at an all-time high. And this was in relation to developed markets over the course of one year.

This appears to be a little unusual, to say the least, as the rise of TikTok and content of shorter duration appears to be trending among users the most these days. But we did recently hear of Facebook adopting the shorter video form trends to drive more usage despite the high level of criticism that came it's way. Soon, Reels were also a norm.

Today, Reels consumption stands at 20% and it’s slowly turning into a pivotal feature in the firm’s resurgence. So how is the company really getting success? Well, a rise in investment in the world of AI seems to be the answer. It has caused some major improvements in terms of relevance models that drive advertisements and Reels and that’s now leading to major responses.

As far as Reels are concerned, Meta’s own systems are attaining a much better response as more and more people are engaging on the platform through such means. Before, people started to complain so much as it turned out to be linked to random clips all puzzled together into one. Now, it’s so much more focused and you end up finding yourself expanding Reels clips each time, just to see what it is all about.

To make sure its earnings stood protected, Meta really made it a point to cut back in terms of its Reels promotions. The latter was seen bringing down watch time by around 12%.

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