Twitter Struggles To Solve Reduced User Reach And Engagement Issues While Testing Verified Views

The Twitter app has been busy trying to solve issues linked to limited user reach and related engagement issues.

For a while now, many users have generated complaints on the matter that has to do with a huge decline in users interacting on the app. The reports linked to the matter have been present ever since the app rolled out its Following’ feed that’s swipeable. This is also the point in time when there were a lot of recommended tweets seen on every user’s ‘For You’ timeline.

But what is the matter and why are we witnessing so much pain in terms of figuring out the solution?

Well, in case it makes you feel any better, the platform’s own experts are working hard at deciphering the code. The latest on this front has to do with Musk meeting up with Dave Rubin who really saw a massive decline in his own account. But he didn’t plan on staying silent for too long.

The meeting was held at the Twitter headquarters to witness the type of work being done on this matter and to help attain a better understanding of the exact algorithmic improvements. For a while now, the firm’s engineers are struggling to determine how to attain new updates and amend the code that gives rise to such issues.

The topic is controversial and requires dedication and time to get to the bottom of it. He compared it to the likes of a Jenga tower where making one mistake would result in the entire tower falling down.

This means we could soon be seeing more changes on the Twitter app in the form of code updates that are used to amplify tweets from the app’s Blue users. The whole theory here is linked to such accounts getting more reach which affects the algorithm in a way that weighs out tweets.

Meanwhile, on another front, we’re hearing news about Musk’s Twitter experiment which is currently in the ‘still in progress’ state. The company is doing everything in its power to make more money.

The app is not in a very good position financially but as a firm, Elon claims he would be making more mistakes while trying to fix his sinking ship.

This week, the platform’s noticed a new experiment taking place as we speak. It has to do with the likes of Vertified views that pop up as a counter on a tweet but what exactly is this feature?

For now, it does have great similarities to being the usual tweet view counter. And the platform has some great plans to include that in users’ main tweet display. The only difference now is that it pops up under a new heading or label.

H/T: @bstee9

In the near future, we might see billionaire Elon Musk adding a new counter for carrying out interactions from users designated as Verified. Under this label, people are setting out $8 a month to pay the costs linked to this program to rid the likes of spam and bot activity through such platforms.

The logic appears to be related to the fact that after users pay out $8 each month for verification, it would dilute the likes of bots. This way, users get to know more about people without any ticks being scams and hence would like to steer clear of them.

It’s like an added precautionary measure that really goes a long way and Twitter is placing high hopes on the likes of this. After all, the app needs to make money fast and time is of the essence.

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