Snapchat’s New Promotional Campaign Highlights Uniqueness Of Viral AR Trends

Snapchat is launching a mega promotional campaign that is highlighting the company’s unique viral AR trends.

This highlights several bizarre effects to try and present people with so many different perspectives regarding the real world. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

As mentioned by the firm recently, they are really celebrating the likes of joy, irreverence, and spontaneous communication with contacts in the most unexpected manner. Over the past few years, they’re trying hard to push the boundary of how people end up seeing and witnessing the world via the eyes of AR.

Augmented reality tends to make chats and experiences so much better and also manages to unlock different ways through which users can connect with one another. Similarly, they get the chance to learn more things about the world, take part in shopping, and do some more things that Snap hopes to attain through this campaign.

The only question on people’s minds is if this is enough to have more audience members make use of snap. Without any doubt, this campaign would be grabbing attention and with a staggering 72% active user base indulged in various AR elements across the platform each day, you can see how the interest is there for such types of activations that make way for seeing familiar things.

This might prove to be a good catch to have more and more people use this platform and perhaps expand the current user base. After all, we could see it spark more intrigue and grab a hold of several people trying to install the app to witness what they are able to do.

The main focus for Snapchat seems to be AR-powered technology right now. And yes, it’s conducting plenty of operations as we speak on a much smaller level than arch-rivals like Meta and Apple. Both these tech giants are really pushing forward in this front of AR projects.

Snapchat tries to really go big in this area and come out on top with all the AR content up for grabs and ways to engage with the audience. Remember, Meta is still facing plenty of challenges in trying to be relevant with the younger lot.

Meanwhile, there is still a pivotal element that may cause its metaverse vision to get off the rails. And that’s something Apple has tried leaning on through the likes of apps like Snap which can best showcase the latest AR tools in this period.

So far, the tech giant seems to be having its eyes on the target goal which is literally why each trend in the world of AR seems to have come from Snapchat. If you’re a fan of the app, you could have noticed things like anime filters, crying faces, baby faces, and even rainbows with vomiting effects.

The features tend to remain constant with time and even the likes of bigger and better platforms such as TikTok tend to be making their way in this direction.

What we’ve witnessed is social media giant Snap tries hard to stay as relevant as possible with all of its users. Their Snapchat subscription offers are doing so much better than the usual Twitter Blue. And even with the likes of tweet edits and other verification ticks, we’re getting to see a lot of things on offer.

For a while now, the community has really tried hard to maintain both the likes of growth and trying to be relevant. But plans of expansion are also on the board and that might be popping up soon.

This is just one of the many ways that we see Snapchat Lenses getting shared. If you make use of it, you just need to showcase it to your friends.

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