Trouble For Apple As New Class Action Lawsuit Accuses It Of Collecting And Sending Analytics Data Through iPhone Users

Another mega class action lawsuit is heading toward Apple’s direction as the iPhone maker gets accused of ‘systemic violations’ of users' privacy.

The legal case alleges that the Cupertino-based firm collected and sent out data linked to analytics via iPhone users' devices. This was regardless of whether users’ provided any consent or not. Moreover, the lawsuit was only recently filed in the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania as it comes right after a new class action case that was filed in November of 2022.

This legal case emphasizes the likes of data gained from one leading security researcher named Tommy Mysk. He published the findings that showed how the tech giant’s apps were taking and sending out data, despite any user providing consent or not to Apple. This was all set up during that part when Apple collected the analytics data at the time of setup of this new iPhone device.

Meanwhile, findings from 9to5Mac mentioned that each time a user set up their iPhone, they’re requested to accept or decline consent to the tech giant collecting their data for the sake of analytics. Once you do end up declining it, you expect no analytics data to be given out to Apple.

Mysk also added how the apps of Apple were taking and sending out data, despite this setting in place. Hence, there was really no difference in data sent if the user chose to accept or decline permission.
This type of behavior is commonly seen in the likes of the App Store and it’s undoubtedly concerning too. Taking into consideration the fact that the volume, as well as the detail of such data, is super excessive, even with all such consent means everything is included for device fingerprinting. This method is used by firms such as Meta to combat its own App Tracking Transparency. And the fact that the iPhone maker forbids these types of workarounds in its own developer policies is just shocking.

Whenever a user searches for something across the Apple App Store, the information is sent out as is the likes of ads witnessed, and also how apps were discovered and how long users spent gazing at them on a page.

It’s definitely an invasion of privacy and this type of behavior by a leading iPhone maker who promotes privacy of the highest degree says a lot. Such behavior was even seen in places like Apple Music, Stocks, Books, and Apple TV.

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