Developers Fear Apple Tracks Everything That Users Tap While Exploring The App Store

We’ve seen tech giant Apple stand up for users’ privacy rights like it was something that they’re entitled to. In the same way, the company has fought against leading archrivals to make sure no users’ security or privacy is ever compromised.

But now, a shocking new claim by developers is coming forward about the Cupertino firm. And that includes how it might be keeping a track of everything that users click on while exploring its App Store.

In the same way, there are some more ad placements that are questionable too. And now the major issue lies in the way that the corporation’s own policies may soon change.

The news comes forward thanks to two developers and some security researchers. They are dubbed ‘Mysk’ and are now raising questions against Apple’s decision to add more ads to the App Store.

The shocking part has to do with accusations linked to iOS sending the tech firm a detailed log of the way users behave on the store.

As mentioned recently in a new short video, the data entails information about when and where users are tapping and then the details are transmitted through a JSON file to the Apple corporation.

App developers recently mentioned how the firm tracks the actions of users located on the App Store ever since it was launched last year in May. But we and many others find it so interesting that the company opted to put forward its App Tracking Transparency offering last month.

For now, there is no proper explanation being provided related to how the tech giant is making use of this data. But it does make sense how the firm continues to track users while browsing through the Apple App Store. And it’s also worth noticing how Apple began to offer ads and that is what gave developers greater access to statistics linked to ad performance.

While Apple claims collected data isn’t shared with so many third parties, many experts have their doubts on the matter. The news is startling as Apple has been trying to create barriers so it gets harder for third parties to keep a track of what iOS users are really up to online.

As you can imagine, that has caused so much loss to companies as it directly affects ad platforms coming forward from both Google and even Meta. And these developers have mentioned how Apple is continually provided with data from the App Store even in cases when options such as Personalized Ads are off.

In the last month, we saw Apple put forward new ads on its App Store. In the past, developers only promoted apps in the Search segment. Now, they’re being given the chance to pay and showcase apps across various pages.

After this behavior, many users were complaining to the company about showing content that was not only irrelevant but unethical and not something they’re fond of. We then saw Apple suspend such ad offerings but it's not clear what would occur now.

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