Google Docs Adds Enhancements To Voice Typing For Better Automated Captions In Google Slides

Voice typing is a feature that’s been offered to Google Docs on the web since the year 2015. This can be seen as a great input method for pick-up enhancements that improve automated captions in Google Slides.

After viewing any document, you click on Tools and then on the tab of Voice Typing. This will open up a floating microphone that detects and accepts input until a user presses it again. Moreover, you can even go on to edit it better and format it using your voice.

This new update is coming soon and Google says it’s designed to rid any form of errors made in transcription while limiting the loss of audio along the way. But the tech giant is not giving out any particular examples.

On the other hand, we’re seeing the voice typing feature for Google Docs attain better availability to several huge browsers out there. At this particular moment in time, the feature is solely up for grabs to those having a Chrome browser, while those with Safari can’t attain the benefits.

The updates made to the quality of the transcription will apply to automated captions present in Google Slides that assist audiences in reading and making subtitles for their presentations.

The search engine giant mentioned in a recent statement how it really hoped such a launch would lead to better inclusivity across the board and more accessibility in terms of enhanced user interactions seen on Google Docs and Google Slides.

For now, we can confirm that these features are rolling out as of this moment in time and by next month, all users should be able to benefit from it, free of cost and also at an additional fee for those with Workspace tiers.

But that’s not all, the Google Docs has lined up plans for the rollout of support that entails non-printing characters. This helps to visualize things like page breaks, column breaks, section breaks, paragraph breaks, spaces, and tabs too. The symbols are very helpful in terms of formatting documents and making edits.

If you wish to use this feature on the web, simply press on open View and then click on non-printing characters that should be available in the next few weeks.

We can certainly see this being appreciated by Google Docs users due to its ease of use and great benefits.

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