Apple’s Own Modem Could Launch In 2024 As It Develops New WiFi And Bluetooth Chip

Leading iPhone maker Apple has had a long-term dream of creating its own modem for a while now. But that dream could soon be a reality as the tech giant looks to reduce reliance on the likes of Qualcomm.

Thanks to Bloomberg, we’ve got the news that a switchover may soon begin as early as the year 2024. Moreover, Apple may begin developing a new WiFi and Bluetooth chip too. This in turn means we could soon see it ditching the likes of Qualcomm and Broadcom too. The former and Apple have been linked to a new legal battle regarding patents, licensing, and plenty of disagreements related to modern-day chips.

It’s true that such legal cases were battled until the last minute and now, the tech giant is making it clear how it wants to focus on the likes of creating new technology so iPhone and iPad devices may benefit.

To further enhance such efforts, the tech giant completed acquiring the modem business in the year 2019. This has provided the firm with greater access to the likes of engineering and a huge collection of patents linked to the likes of cellular technology. Still, the iPhone maker would be required to license new patents arising from Qualcomm as well as Ericsson. This is even if it plans on making a switch toward modems situated in-house.

This new type of modem by Apple was designed for a release to occur by early next year but as per new reports from Bloomberg, there might be some development hiccups on the way that are pushing this back toward the latter part of 2024 or even post-that date.

Apple recently announced how it's a part of the new shift and it really hopes its new modem chip could be out and about by this year’s end. It wishes to swap the likes of Qualcomm electronics as per unidentified sources in the firm because for now, the plans are undercover. The tech giant would be seen replacing this as early as this year but as per development snags, it has been pushed back and it’s currently behind the designated timeline.

Apple is also working hard to ditch the likes of Broadcom. It hopes to do this with the launch of a Bluetooth chip and Wi-Fi combination that may debut as early as 2025. It is similarly working on the likes of developing a follow-up version of a chip that merges cellular modem with Bluetooth, and even Wi-Fi into make one single chip.

Apple has been placing heavy reliance on Broadcom for things like iPhone components and that entails chips linked to radio-frequency and different charging components. But the tech giant claims to be working hard on making such parts too, as per Bloomberg.

We’ve seen reports of Apple making a switch take place several times now but this is really the first time that we’re hearing more about plans for in-house Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi chips. And this is linked to Tim Cook’s belief that Apple should be at the forefront in terms of producing parts of its iPhone device itself.

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