TikTok’s Parent Firm Fires Hundreds Of Employees Amid Political And Regulatory Pressures

ByteDance who is TikTok’s parent company is finally joining the list of other tech giants as it begins laying off workers in China.

The news comes as the firm faces mega political as well as regulatory pressures across both America and China.

The Beijing-based firm owns one of the biggest and most popular social media apps in terms of video sharing called TikTok. This has cut hundreds of jobs across different departments in places like China so that it could save on expenses as mentioned in a report by the South China Morning Post.

These job cuts began at the end of the year 2022 at another company that’s known to be China’s version of the TikTok app. This platform has nearly 600 million users and even conducts more operations linked to the likes of real estate as well as gaming.

These layoffs do become a part of the firm’s efforts to put operations at the forefront but these only represent a tiny part of the workforce as per the SCMP.

Remember, ByteDance is one of China’s biggest employers and has nearly 100,000 employees on a global level.

For now, the Chinese parent firm of TikTok is not relying on the matter. But it’s not too surprising because other leading tech firms like Tencent and even Alibaba fired plenty of members from their workforce last year. The same was true for Meta and even Amazon who similarly fired thousands.
As per recently published stats from a website that tracks jobs across today’s tech industry, a massive 153,000 workers were fired in the year 2022 as a whole.

ByteDance has been in the line of fire for a while now. They are facing massive challenges as the amount of political pressure regarding the operations of TikTok are mounting. American lawmakers continue to accuse the firm of breaching data protection policies despite it insisting that it never tracked down users across the board.

This past week, we saw the TikTok platform be banned on leading federal devices, right after a similar ban arose in the House of Representatives and more than 19 states. Let’s not forget how the White House is also playing some major games and making TikTok’s parent firm sell out the app as per a recently published report by the WSJ.

A recently laid out security deal with Biden’s administration that would enable TikTok to continue with its operations in America has similarly been delayed. And as you can imagine, that is certainly laying down more questions.

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