A New Survey Shows the Most Used Apps by Gen Z, YouTube Takes the Top Spot

Gen Z is more into visual experiences than social and expressive and that's the reason why they use YouTube the most. According to a new survey by MorningConsult, it was found that YouTube is the most used app by one-third of Gen Z all around the world. YouTube took the top position in the survey by 88%, where 96% of males and 84% of Gen Zers used the app. Right next to YouTube was Instagram which isn't a big shock as Gen Z loves using this app all the time. Overall, Instagram is used by 76% of Gen Z but the female ratio is more than that of males. 80% of female Gen Zers use Instagram while 73% of boys use it.

The thing that is quite shocking is that TikTok should be number one but it's the third. Well, maybe it's not Gen Z who is using this app the most. 68% of overall Gen Z use this app with 75% of girls and 62% of boys. Maybe TikTok is still growing among youngsters and the results will be quite different next year. Next on the list is Snapchat because Gen Z loves sending snaps and creating streaks on the app. 67% of Gen Z use this app, right behind TikTok. Guess it's a battle between these two apps about who will take over Gen Z. 70% of female Gen Zers use this app while the percentage for boys is 64%.

The next is Facebook which has completely become an app for millennials. Gen Z doesn't like using this app as they find it boring and for the elderly. Only 49% of Gen Z use this app from time to time, including 54% of females and 45% of males. Twitter is also becoming quite popular among Gen Z but not much as only 47% like using it with 40% females. 54% of male Gen Zers use Twitter for quite some reasons.

Other apps in the list are Discord, Reddit, Twitch, and BeReal, and overall 35%, 30%, 24%, and 15% use these apps respectively.

The survey also found out that more than half of Gen Z spend more than 4 hours on social media every day. This survey shows that Gen Z is more inclined towards using apps that have visual elements while apps like Facebook and Twitter are the platforms for discussions. This shows the mindsets of people born between 1997-2012 and how their preference for social media apps concludes their thought processes.

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