Which SEO Skills Are Required For A Successful 2023? Google’s John Mueller Unravels It All

The year 2023 is upon us all and a new year means welcoming new changes.

In the world of tech, SEO skills are the most sought-after as they bring a lot of benefits to websites and help them achieve their set goals. But how exactly will 2023 differ from the year 2022 is a question that has plenty of people wondering the truth.

As far as which skills are needed, John Mueller from Google did not hesitate one bit into mentioning how it’s actually very simple. It entails the likes of curiosity as well as persistence. Sounds a little too straightforward, we believe.

John explained the answer via a set of fixed tweets where users asked him what SEO skills were needed to nail the right position in the professional world. And this was his reply. But what did he mean exactly is a question worth pondering.

John did clarify a little more on how curiosity had to do with the inner ability to try out new things. This entails testing technology and new strategies as well as content ideas. You just always need to be experimenting with something new. And one of the best ways to learn such things is never to be afraid of things going sour because they will and that’s how you learn.

So that’s the answer to curiosity but what about persistence? Well, that has to do with never giving up. You can keep on taking up more challenges and see where they make you end up.

He similarly elaborated on how you can’t try out new things and expect them all to be brilliant successes. That’s like setting up your hopes too high and wanting an overnight success, he continued.

SEO is never easy and most tech experts would agree. It’s a long game that makes you want to try to use a lot of effort and the process is long. Only with hard work do many of us expect to see incredible results.

Illustration: Freepik
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