YouTube Predicts Video Content Creation Trends for 2023 In Its Official Podcast

YouTube just predicted the latest trends in 2023 on its official trends podcast which you can watch below. In their podcast, YouTube shed light on some trends which will probably take over the content creation community in 2023. The hosts of podcasts shared their views and thoughts about the future trends now that Shorts are also a big part of YouTube.

The biggest thing in terms of content creation that 2022 gave us is AI generators. Everyone started obsessing over it and that's the reason why many content creators made videos on it in the last months of 2022. YouTube predicts that many content creators are going to use AI-generated content for their videos while some of them are going to learn more about this technology so they can make videos on it. This seems like a good idea because many people all around the world are curious about AI and want to know as much as possible about it.

Not just this but many YouTubers have also started making content about ChatGPT which is an AI language model. As the third generation has been released, many viewers are interested in utilizing this AI for their content and that's why they are getting help from YouTube content creators.

The next trend that YouTube predicts is more videos like Mr. Beast's. Who doesn't know Mr. Beast, the most followed YouTube creator! His videos are always fun to watch as he also collaborates with other famous YouTubers and celebrities. One of the best things about his videos is high-quality content with small budgets. So now many YouTubers are starting to go along in Mr. Beast's footsteps and are not focusing on budget, but the content. Just like when a YouTube video got viral where a YouTuber lived on one penny for a day, many trends like this will rise in 2023. Viewers want interesting videos with some logic and content creators have to brainstorm fun ideas this year if they want good views on their videos.
The next trend in videos that YouTube predicted is hotel and travel videos. Now that the pandemic is nearly over, people are getting comfortable traveling again. So it's natural that they will turn to YouTube videos for travel ideas and hotel reviews. In the YouTube podcast, it was mentioned that people are going to look for interesting places and good hotels for traveling, and Mr. Beast and Safiya Nygaard's travel videos are a good start.

To find out more about YouTube's trends in production for 2023, you can check the podcast featured below. Maybe you will get a new video idea from the podcast if you are a content creator.

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