Instagram Influencers share their secrets on how to acquire sponsorship deals in 2023

Social media creators and influencers are earning more than ever now. Influencers are one of the highest-paid people and today we share how they engage their potential clients.

Being a social media star is a hard job. Influencers not only set their personal life out in the open, but their fears, hopes, and dreams as well. It is all about making yourself transparent to create a connection with your audience.

Now, why would people go through all this trouble? The secret is the money behind it. Influencers are in for the satisfaction as well, but we’re positive that money does play a huge role.

According to the interviews conducted by Insider with around a dozen influencers, the key to making money is through brand deals and sponsorships. Influencers make as much as $300,000 a year with just two elements - partnerships and 50,000 followers.

How do these influencers land big brands like Lululemon and Nissan? There are multiple ways. They either sign up with agencies that promote their brands and get them deals or they take matters into their own hands.

By taking matters into their hands, we mean generating personalized emails and reaching out to brands themselves. The key to writing these personalized emails is selling themselves. For instance, using the word ‘offer’ instead of ‘collab’. Such fine details make a huge difference.

Furthermore, influencers who sell their brands themselves need to include key influencing points to potential clients like their engagement rates and their reach data. The most important thing an influencer needs to have is audience engagement. Even if you have 7,000 followers with an engagement rate of 95%, the deal would be yours.
Influencers with such a low reach are called nano influencers. Those with a slightly higher reach are called micro-influencers. Brands look for influencers that sell value whether you’re a nano, micro, macro, or mage influencer.

To further secure clients, these influencers also create a media kit to include in their proposals. Some are also kind enough to upload them online for future influencers to take inspiration from. However, the platforms where these are uploaded are not always free.

In the end, getting the right pitch and having a high engagement ratio is the key to securing good brand deals and sponsorships and making more than a typical 9 to 5 job can pay.

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