Google Develops New Free Tool To Assist Smaller Websites Detect And Delete Terrorism Content

It’s not just Meta who appears to be leading the pack in terms of new tools to abolish extremist content online.

Now, we’ve got the news that leading search engine giant Google’s Jigsaw is working hard to make a tool that’s free of cost to assist smaller pages to identify and get rid of terrorism-related content.

The news comes to us thanks to the likes of The Financial Times which has been created using material from the UN. This makes it much simpler for the likes of moderator teams to target those aligned with extremist content.

This effort takes help from the Global Internet Forum to get rid of terrorism and make it simpler for moderator teams to combat such means. This body has been providing help for so long and was funded by Google, Meta, and Microsoft as well as Twitter. It provides the best database to get rid of such activities. And now, there will even be two more sites named to assist with trials, the report continued to mention.

Meta’s new utility that’s open source is designed to help websites that cannot afford to create AI detection algorithms or even hire staff for content moderation. This is definitely a very valid point as it’s a crucial part of the EU’s Digital Services Act and the Online Safety Act of the United Kingdom. Both of these entities mentioned how they need site operators to remove extremist content to get rid of such penalties.

Google as well as Tech Against Terrorism see this project as a major step to rid the gap in getting rid of terrorist content seen online. Meanwhile, those who support misinformation and the likes of terrorism similarly can be seen turning to smaller outlets that have trouble combating such individuals. And at the end of the day, it limits them from making safe-havens.

Obviously, there are some major limitations. Certain social platforms are very reluctant to eliminate content even when certain app store operators claim it starts off violence. Moreover, Google’s new tool is not said to be too useful on certain pages that do not wish to be affiliated with it.

Similarly, it’s not going to stop the likes of extremists who wish to share content over encrypted messaging platforms or even mediums like the Dark Web. Here is where providers cannot simply grab a hold of user traffic. But this would make it much harder to hop onto various other alternatives online.

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