Apple Receives Mega $8.4 Million Fine For Failing To Ask Users For Permission During Data Collection

France is not happy with leading iPhone maker Apple who has now been issued a mega fine for targeted data collection of users.

The fine regarding personalized ads makes Apple the second biggest tech firm to get such news today. This is from the French National Commission on Informatics and the CNIL who have gone about launching the 8 million euro punishment.

According to them, Apple has failed to follow its own policies and gone about collecting data on users visiting its App Store. This is through iOS 14.6 without taking any permission and assisting with target ads from the company. The company appeared to be gaining up on some major profits after violating the law as per officials.

You may get the chance to turn ad targeting off but this became enabled thanks to the likes of default and wouldn’t be disabled if you didn’t wade through its menu levels. This made it impossible for users to provide proper consent.

The tech giant says it has since then gone about making amendments to its practices and even conducted a few major checks between the years 2021 to 2022. This is to ensure the firm honored all data regulations. But the French appear to have conducted an investigation in March of 2021.

Apple has been asked for comment, the tech giant informed the Financial Times how it was super disappointed with this decision and hoped to get an appeal on the matter.

Meanwhile, Apple was seen arguing how Search Ads put out by the firm went as far as any other rival in terms of offering the best choice regarding targeted ads. It failed to track users seen in third-party apps or websites.

It’s no secret that Apple has been in a continuous relationship with regulators from France. As seen in the year 2020, the nation’s competition regulator set out fines for Apple that surmounted $1.2 billion and this was for antitrust abuses regarding the distribution chain.

The firm even went as far as getting a mega $27 million fine in terms of throttling its iPhone performance during that same year. But we did see the French government officials back up the tech giant and defend its move to have anti-tracking measures, despite facing immense pressure from the industry.

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