New Threat Actor Claims He’s Selling Data From 400 Million Hacked Twitter Accounts

It’s more trouble for Twitter as a new threat actor is making claims regarding the sale of both public and private data from accounts that had been hacked on the app.

The threat actor says that the data is being sold now at a staggering price tag of $200,000. And just in case that drama was not enough, the number of accounts that were targeted is being highlighted as 400 million.

The hacker is dubbed as Ryushi who is conducting illegal gains via a network called Breached. This is a place that’s used commonly for selling such types of data after a breach has incurred in any platform’s privacy or security.

The data collected of all these Twitter users was believed to be done via a new vulnerability. The group is sending out warnings to the app’s chief Elon Musk and other senior executives to pay up or face the consequences.

Such consequences could be a new imposition of a fine by the GDPR in Europe which is a law that prohibits the sale and distribution of data belonging to users of a platform without their consent being taken.

The fine may go up to billions, like $276 million was the amount estimated recently for this type of breach online. This was done by other platforms in the past like Meta’s Facebook which had neglected such offers and hence ended up getting fined for such a major breach of security and privacy of their firms.

What was shocking is how the actor went linking a post that really went into the depths of explaining how the data may be abused by plenty of other fish in the sea, waiting for its release. This includes the likes of phishing attacks, BEC attacks, and scams linked to the world of crypto too.

The post on the platform says they’ve taken data belonging to 37 celebs, public figures, and leading government agencies. Top names included the likes of Donald Trump Junior, Piers Morgan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and more. They added how another huge chunk of 1000 Twitter user profiles had been leaked at a later point in time.

All sorts of sensitive details were outlined to be in such posts including the likes of email IDs, usernames, number of followers, when such accounts had been created, and a lot more. And you’ll be amazed to learn that a lot of the data is already on display for the public, other than telephone numbers and email IDs.

Speaking to media outlet Bleeping Computer recently, the hacker added how the only way out was paying $200k or facing the consequences. Once paid, they would delete the data and if not, they would sell it off to another individual. So both ways, they’re gaining.

The news is certainly alarming for Twitter for obvious reasons. Such a massive breach of privacy and security at this point in time where the firm is struggling with its advertising and getting users back to the platform is definitely not a pretty picture for obvious reasons.

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