Google Will Soon Display An AI-Version Of Its Search Engine After Declaring ChatGPT As ‘Code Red’

The threat of AI-powered technology cannot be denied and after the mega hype and success linked to ChatGPT, Google is going public with its own plans to overcome the ordeal.

The leading tech giant says it will soon display an AI-powered version of its search engine after the company’s CEO labeled ChatGPT as code red. This particular report comes to us thanks to The New York Times, which detailed what the firm’s next plans would be.

It’s clear focus renewal on the subject of AI by Google and one that many felt was a long time coming. Therefore, the company is not planning on taking a step back and hopes to get active on this front after the threat of ChatGPT takes center stage.

While no major comments have been made by Google to queries set out by tech outlets, one thing is for sure. A spokesperson from the firm says there is a newfound focus on AI technology to make sure it’s functioning in a safe and helpful manner for all of Google’s users.

Therefore, they do hope to share some positive results soon. Experts have raised a lot of questions on ChatGPT and what the future for search engines holds in this manner.

We’re seeing software giant Microsoft announce today how it has strengthened its partnership with the makers of ChatGPT, Open AI, as a means to launch a new search feature via Bing that uses the same technology behind the ChatGPT tool. And we’re expecting that rollout to occur as soon as March of this year.

This way, it hopes to provide proper answers to users’ searches instead of the usual display of links pertaining to the queries asked. But if you think this tool has the capability of replacing search engines, well, that’s not quite what experts from Google and those linked to AI and search sectors feel.

There is plenty of inaccuracies related to the likes of ChatGPT and the type of responses it’s giving out. So there are no signs of it replacing Google Search completely yet.

But how exactly did ChatGPT attain the status of Code Red by Google?

As per the New York Times, the mega success behind ChatGPT is one that had a lot of people scratching their heads. People saw it as another means through which searches could be conducted online. This is bound to be a massive threat to the likes of Google and more and that’s why it was bound to pull out the fire alarm.

It’s a moment that members working at the Silicon Valley firm dreaded since day one- the arrival of a huge tech change that could really bring the business to a standstill. There were meetings after meetings held between the likes of top executives and the CEO on what to do next and what plan of action needed to be prepared to combat such changes in the industry.

The tech giant will soon be launching its own AI-powered search engine with a chatbot feature, alongside 20 more products. Remember, Google knows about the huge power of AI technology. It’s not something new for the company. After all, it has ownership of an AI-based lab of its own called Deep Mind which was bought nearly a decade ago.

At the same time, Google has a series of other plans involving the likes of using AI technology for launching image creator programs and those linked to app development. So as you can see, plenty of work is being done to even come near to a situation where it’s wiped out by the likes of ChatGPT and others.

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