OpenAI All Set To Charge For A Professional Version Of ChatGPT And It’s Not Cheap

ChatGPT appears to be on everyone’s mind and rightly so. The AI-powered tool is revolutionizing the way users can search and work. And that too without paying a penny.

But that does not mean the makers of the famous AI tool don’t have major plans for setting out a premium tier. OpenAI is all set to launch a professional version of ChatGPT and one thing is for sure. It’s not cheap by all means.

The news went public on Friday and that’s when an update was launched through the firm’s website about the costs linked to this ordeal. We’re talking along the lines of $42 a month and some users couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

A lot of people quickly took screenshots of the costs and what we do know is that it’s not rolling out to the likes of each and everyone out there. If you do find an option for upgrade across the tool’s sidebar, yes, you’re eligible but if not, then no.

On the other hand, one user mentioned through their Twitter account how he did get an option but soon afterward, the option was gone. But he did opt to sign up for it when he was given the chance to attain a paid version.

He even says how he made a video of the whole process including how ChatGPT generated one answer to his respective question.

His command included writing an essay about different means through which the issue of climate change could be solved. And that too, at a faster pace than that seen using the free-of-cost version of the tool.

While the expenses for the professional version might appear high to some, it is actually in line with that being offered by similar AI-powered programs that put out similar services. But what else is it offering at such a steep price tag is what users want to know.

Well, you do get a quick response time when you ask a query. Similarly, you get priority access when new features are launched. Remember, this first came out in November of last year but at the start of January, we did hear how OpenAI was working on another version where users would need to pay to use it. After all, they need the chance to make more revenue.

See, the whole target here is to improve and maintain this service. And that can only be done through the likes of monetization as that paves the way for viability in the long run.

Since that period, the firm has been busy conducting surveys on users that appear interested in the rollout and how much they were likely to pay for such a professional tool like this.

For now, there are zero responses for comments but this $42 price tag could mean that the company has found a good chunk of clients that are willing to pay that much to use its professional version.

On the contrary, we’re hearing about all others blast the firm for charging a fee that was just too high to be true. Others wrote out how $42 a year would be suitable as compared to a month.

Other reports are speaking about how ChatGPT is expanding its links with the likes of software giant Microsoft. The latter announced today how it’s strengthening the partnership with the makes of ChatGPT by investing billions more. It hopes to commercialize the product and other major breakthrough products hailing from the leading AI-based firm. So as you can see, plenty of interesting news coming out at this moment in time.

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