Google Search Will Allow AI-Generated Articles On Its Platform Without Any Penalization

AI-powered technology has been at the center of attention for obvious reasons.

A tool called ChatGPT has been causing major commotion because many creators feel they’re being robbed of their work thanks to AI intelligence.

Be it written content or images, the tool takes content found online and revamps it into something new. But the problem here is that it’s doing it for free and not giving associated credits to those that put in long hours. Neither are such people getting any financial compensation either. So as you can see, it’s not fun and games anymore.

One major publication forum that’s turning into major hype for various reasons is CNET who is publishing all such articles across its respective site. And people are not happening because it’s like giving a way to rob ideas.

Now, we’re hearing about how Google Search is not bothered and will allow the articles across its search engine. The company further explained how it’s not interested in how much content from produced.

Instead, their one and only goal are to showcase content that’s both helpful as well as relevant and that appeals to the users and not the search engine’s own rankings. So the term usefulness was used here and that makes sense because you want to know how much value that content is adding to a person’s life than other matters.

The aim is to create solutions that limit all kinds of helpful content in the Search bar, whether designed by humans or via the likes of automated processes. Remember, it was just last year that we saw Google share how it was altering the way pages were getting ranked on the app. This arose in the form of Helpful Content Updates. Moreover, such changes were designed to ensure content was better highlighted by the experts and by individuals for individuals instead of just showcasing SEO content that has zero goal of informing users. Instead, it was written in a manner to grab a hold of views for the pages through Google’s Search.

But the statements coming forward from Google are a huge reality check for so many individuals in this world. It has to do with how content is being made and now, they’re okay with the likes of AI technology making the most of the endeavor. But in the past, that was not the case. Google was against AI technology making content that it found to be useful on the search engine.

More clarification arising on the platform could mean lots of AI-generated content hitting Google Search’s direction. Moreover, shock hit the board when a certain post arose from BlackHatWorld that’s known for making illegal content and taking part in other types of shady practices.

It reportedly mentioned how it was time to produce content at high speed and you can only imagine what that meant. While another spoke in detail regarding making the most of such a critical moment in time where ChatGPT was functioning at its greatest.

We must mention that CNET has stopped publishing content after such news broke out so this is definitely interesting.

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