Microsoft Begins Efforts To Wind Down Its Windows 10 Home And Pro Support By Ending Sales Of Downloads

Microsoft is staying true to its planned efforts of retirement for Windows 10 by 2025.

The tech giant has started by winding down support for its Windows 10 Home and Pro by stopping sales of downloads. The last date is outlined to be January 31st.

The news was confirmed by the company’s product page today which was brought to light by The Verge. They elaborated how this day would be the final one where users could attain downloads for Windows 10 and its associated license keys that are up for sale. But it does hope to carry on with its support for Windows 10 via security updates that would go on until October of 2025.

A spokesperson for the leading tech giant mentioned recently how January 31, 2023, was the final date until users had to buy this Windows 10 Home and 10 Pro to access the firm’s website. This decision is being taken to promote more customers to switch to Windows 11.

But that does not mean you can’t gain access to Windows 10 elsewhere such as different retailers and OEMs. For now, Microsoft isn’t denying this but who knows, they just might stop sales soon.

We first saw the official launch of Windows 10 in 2015 and now, we’re hearing more news about it getting discontinued around a decade from that respective date. Moreover, the firm had given customers a heads-up regarding the news as far back as June of 2021 and yes, that’s plenty of time to make changes.

They called this clause a part of its modern lifecycle policy, right before the launch of Windows 11. As a whole, they did end up getting plenty of good reviews and even met others having great success when it arose. This had to do with the simple fact that it was replacing the likes of Windows 8. And as one can expect, it didn’t quite get the warm welcome that it may have imagined.

But keeping that aside, Windows 11 did end up getting launched to very decent acclaim. There was plenty of applause for its polish but at the same time, it met with great criticism linked to poor upgrade restrictions.

Hence, the minimum system requirements for this were soon relaxed after such a launch. Still, the whole transition to Windows 11 from Windows 10 is quite slow to people’s liking as per reports generated recently.

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